I“... A promising new artist who artfully occupies the gulf between old-school tradition and contemporary appropriation.”
- Kim Ruehl, NPR Heavy Rotation

"...demonstrates the finesse and maturity of someone like Jason Isbell, 8 out of 10"
- Uncut Magazine

“Adding raw, punk brio to a folk-blues template…”
- Mojo Magazine

“...He has the songwriting chops and singing prowess of an aged blues legend.”
- The Bluegrass Situation

“Taking directions from Bourbon Street up to Beale Street and on to Maxwell Street, Jonah Tolchin’s Clover Lane deserves its rightful place on the map as a truly remarkable Americana/blues record.”
- Popmatters

“This is foot-stomping, ragged and raw, Mississippi Delta music.”
- Popmatters

“Jonah is a quiet powerhouse of a person. Perhaps diminutive in stature, he is a creative giant - and Clover Lane reflects that.”
- RSLblog

“Bridging the gap between classic folk self-­sufficiency & punk's DIY defiance with a uniquely poetic, open­hearted sensibility at its core, Tolchin is likely to appeal to fans of Willy Mason, Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin, Tony Joe White or Steve Earle”.
- Resident Music

“He is the epitome of a young man with an old soul…”
- The Upcoming (UK)

“The entire album is a flawless, well-executed remembrance and tribute to old blues and American folk, filled with refreshing exuberance.”
- FTwelve Music

“Tolchin has a maturity to his voice, songs and his guitar playing that definitely belies his age.”

- Emily Burnham, Culture Shock, Bangor Daily News

“With brilliant songwriting, strong instrumentation and a unique meshing of sounds from modern Americana to 60s folk to Mississippi blues, multiple tracks on Clover Lane set Tolchin apart from other young festival and folk stars.”
- GrassClippings

“The 11 track album is warm and sincere, showcasing Tolchin’s well-honed acoustic skills and knack for folk blues songwriting.”
- Lockeland Springsteen; Happenings /// Jonah Tolchin