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“4 stars out of 5… Tolchin combines a bluesy sensibility with soul and supple blues rock that’s innovative and humble… These 50 minutes glide by with grace and integrity.”
–Hal Horowitz, American Songwriter, October 18, 2023

Will stay with you for a long time… When an album can transport you away, you know it’s good.”

-       Barry Hopwood, Blues Matters Magazine (UK)


“Jonah Tolchin may be best-known as an Americana songwriter bringing heartfelt, affecting, lyric-driven songs. He’s set to affect in a new way on his new album: with his guitar.”

-       American Blues Scene, August 22, 2023

“Burgeoning star… has a knack for performing a riff that sticks to your ribs.”

-       Jacob Uitti, American Songwriter, September 23, 2023


“Enticing… From his shadowy Dan Auerbach-esque vocals to his similar badass guitar tones, Tolchin’s sound is sure to catch a listener’s attention and get them feeling some kinda way: maybe bold, confident, or even a little dangerous.”

-       Mikayla McGrory, Music Mecca, July 28, 2023


“A versatile platter of American roots music with thoughtful blues-guitar statements.”

-       SM, Vintage Guitar Magazine

“Will you leave spellbound.”

-       John Michie, Up To Hear Music, July 30, 2022


"The blues of Dockside is as authentic as it gets."

-       Phillip Smith, PhillyCheeze’s Rock & Blues Review, October 7, 2023

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